Consent & Terms and Conditions


As the Owner / Guardian of the dog named and described in the Registration/Booking form, I have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions below, and agree to the following:

  • I agree that if my dog requires veterinary treatment, I will rely on the judgement of the Owners/Proprietors of Heathcote Boarding Kennels to take the dog for treatment to the nearest open veterinary clinic without the need to contact me first, and note that the owners of Heathcote Boarding Kennels will contact me (or my nominated contact person) as soon as practical after this has occurred.
  • In the instance whereby my dog may require veterinary treatment, I hereby agree that I am liable for all expenses incurred in such instances, plus mileage costs of $0.50c per kilometre, and that these costs will be paid in full at the end of the boarding period.
  • I agree to paying the total amount due for the boarding of my dog at Heathcote Boarding Kennels for each period booked, being the fee appropriate to my dog as per the scale of fees as shown in the Fee Schedule attached.
  • I agree there is no reduction in our fee if I supply my own pet’s food.
  • I agree to paying an additional re-opening fee of $100.00 should I need to drop off or pick up my dog outside of the usual closing times of the kennels.  I understand that this must be arranged at the time of booking and will only be accommodated if the Owners of the kennels are available at the required time.
  • If my dog is booked in for a stay of one night only, I agree to pay for the minimum charge of two nights’ accommodation
  • I agree to pay a non-refundable deposit of 30% for each booking. If I choose to pay the 70% balance by cash, I agree to pay at the conclusion of the boarding period when I pick my dog up.   If I choose to pay the 70% balance by electronic funds transfer, I agree to pay the funds into the bank account of Heathcote Boarding Kennels prior to the completion of the boarding period.
  • On day of pick-up of my dog, I agree to paying additional costs as per the Fee Schedule attached or for any costs to replace any destroyed, chewed or ripped any bed and/or bedding provided by Heathcote Boarding Kennels, or if my dog has chewed and/or destroyed any wire/mesh fencing or wooden kennels.
  • I understand and accept that no refund or credit towards another boarding period will be given should I decide to pick up my dog on an earlier date other than what was originally booked.
  • I give consent to the proprietors of Heathcote Boarding Kennels to use any media they have produced, involving my dog, for marketing activities.
  • I accept and agree to all the Terms & Conditions and the Fee Schedule each time my dog stays at Heathcote Boarding Kennels.
  • I have attached a current copy of my dog’s C5 vaccination certificate.


  • The Owners/Proprietors of Heathcote Boarding Kennels reserve the right to refuse to board any dog that cannot be walked on lead, is vicious, is clearly unwell or in poor condition.
  • The Owners/Proprietors of Heathcote Boarding Kennels agree to board your dog for an agreed period, subject to the completion of this Registration/Booking form. A nightly fee is charged from the day of arrival of the dog until the day of pick-up of the dog.
  • The Owners/Proprietors of Heathcote Boarding Kennels reserve the right to increase the fees at any time without notification.
  • The Owners/Proprietors of Heathcote Boarding Kennels require details of any pre-existing condition your pet may have, and we reserve the right to consult a Veterinary Surgeon should we feel it necessary. The Owner/Guardian of the dog agrees to be responsible for any costs incurred for veterinary opinion and treatment in such instances.
  • The Owners/Proprietors of Heathcote Boarding Kennels will not be legally liable for any illness, accident or misfortune that may occur to your dog while it is in our care, or for any veterinary costs incurred.
  • The Owners/Proprietors of Heathcote Boarding Kennels hold a lien over your dog/s until all monies owing for services are paid in full.  Refer to full details at Victorian Domestic Animals Act 1994 – Part 5.
  • The Owners/Proprietors of Heathcote Boarding Kennels will not be held legally responsible or liable for any misfortune or accident occurring to any person, whether adult or child, who attempts to touch any dog on the property. It is the responsibility of any adult in charge of children who visit Heathcote Boarding Kennels to supervise the children in their care at all times whilst on the property.