Pricing & Services

SCHEDULE OF FEES – (all fees are inclusive of GST):

NIGHTLY BOARDING FEE (inclusive of food)


Under 15 kg

15 – 45 kg

Over 45 kg

Per Dog




For each additional dog sharing the same accommodation there is a $5.00 discount on the daily fee per dog.  Note that there is a maximum of three dogs in any one enclosure.
10% Surcharge applicable to holiday periods.  Please refer to “Bookings & What to Bring” tab for these dates.

We do accept one night stays however there is a minimum charge of two nights accommodation.

ADDITIONAL FEES                          
Re-opening of kennels after the usual closing time

Subject to Proprietors availability


Supervised feeding fee

If your dogs staying together require a team member to stay with them until they finish their meal


Destruction of bed fee

Per bed destroyed dependent on size/type of bed

$35.00 – $80.00

Destruction of bedding fee

Per blanket destroyed    


Destruction of wire fencing  


Destruction of wooden kennel  


Destruction of drinking bucket

Per bucket destroyed


Administration of any medication at set times outside of usual feeding times

Each administration


If you require your dog to have two or more meals per day instead of what is provided for the nightly fee (unless for medical reasons and letter from Vet provided)

Each additional meal



We have an agreement with a mobile grooming service that can come to wash and groom your pet whilst they are on their holiday with us.

Bookings are subject to availability of groomer. Please contact us for pricing and bookings.