Our kennel’s kitchenette is positioned next to the night-time sleeping quarters. All food provided consists of a raw, natural diet and is included in the daily fee. This diet consists of quality fresh meat (could be beef, chicken, veal or tongue & cheek  – dependent on what is available from our supplier), in addition to pasta, vegetables, and a small amount of good quality dry food. A few times a week they will also have some cottage cheese, sardines or other healthy treats.  For long-term stays (if you are in agreement) we will also provide your dog with raw chicken necks or chicken frames.

If your dog prefers their own menu, as at home, please make sure you pack and label enough food for your dog’s stay in a container and we will be happy to offer this, instead of our own menu.  Please note that this does not reduce the boarding fee.


All dogs staying with us are fed their main meal just before dusk as this makes for a comfortable sleep with a full belly. A light biscuit meal will follow your pet’s walk in the morning and we will provide treats at random during their stay with us.  The light biscuit meal and treats are given to all dogs, unless you tell us that you would rather your dog only has a main meal each day.  Please let us know and we will feed your pet according to your instructions.  Please note, an additional fee of $5.00 per dog, per day, will be charged if you require your dog to have more than one main meal per day.  There is a $3.00 charge per meal if you require your sharing dogs to be personally supervised by one of our team members until they have finished their meal.